League Bănăţeană laid a wreath at the bust of Eugene of Savoy

October 18th is the day of local importance in Timisoara, said the Council Decision of 2011.
As usual in the past four years, Banat League commemorated libertation of Timisoara from Ottoman rule, laying a wreath at the bust of Eugene of Savoy, in Central Park. This time was with us and a representative of Serbian Banat Djurica Savkov, from Banatski Forum.
October 18th is one of the major holidays of Timisoara! On October 17th, 1716, Habsburg troops, led by Eugene of Savoy were able to liberate the city of Timisoara after 164 years of Ottoman rule. The day after, Eugene of Savoy enterеd with triumf in Timisoara, opening the way to the Baroque era, development, and transformation into a major center in the Habsburg Empire and then the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
October 18th is considered as a day of local importance in Timisoara, told the City Council Decision 2011.
Who is Savoy
Prince Eugene of Savoy was born in 1663 in Paris, son of Eugene of Savoy-Carignan Moritz and Italian Olympia Mancini, a niece of the powerful Cardinal Mazarin.
In 1683, Prince Eugene, under humiliating conditions hindered by King Louis XIV to serve in the French army (King criticized Prince slight stature), went to Vienna and entered the Imperial Army. In 1697 he received the supreme command of it. Then followed his first success against Turks in Zenta.
In 1701-1714 retaliates against Louis XIV, defeating the army several times during the war to inherit the throne of Spain. After Petrovaradin and Timisoara in 1717, conquered Belgrade. Eugene of Savoy died at Vienna on 21 April 1736. He was 72 years old.
Capitulation of Ottomans
Located at the head of the army of the Habsburg Empire, Prince Eugene of Savoy, after winning the Battle of Petrovaradin (on August 5, 1716), begins the siege of Timisoara. On 28th of August, the Imperials have set up camp at Beregsău, near Timisoara. The commander was in charge of 58 battalions and 211 squadrons, and after a few unsuccessful attacks, he decided to carry out a blockade by closing all access routes to the city. Eugene of Savoy's plan provide the construction of several trenches and, by communication betwen trenches to create good conditions for his troops to come closer to the walls.
On September 16, 1716, Prince Eugene of Savoy addressed Turks an order for surrender, but without answer. On October 1st 1716 occurs an assault in the suburb Palanca Mare, burned by the Turks, the Austrians reacted. He attended the decisive attack on the gate Forforos, later became " Prince Eugene Gate". Turkish garrison, which had 18,000 soldiers could not cope, and on October 12th 1716, was forced to surrender the city. To Eugene of Savoy surrended Ahmed Pasha, commander of the fortress and Melech Ibrahim Efendi.
Turkish troops in Timisoara output was made on October 17th 1716, to Belgrade gate. The Savoy's tent became a Te Deum, where they lit candles. Entry of Eugen of Savoy, as the winner, in the city of Timisoara, was made on October 18, on the birthday of the Prince.
The city of Timisoara has entered into a new era, top of civilization and development. The war had to end in 1718, with Pozarevac Peace, on July 21st, by which the Ottoman Empire lost Timişean Banat, and other territories, which went under the occupation of the House of Habsburg.
Eugene of Savoy Claudius anounced Florimund Mercy, a cavalry general, for the military and civil governor of the province Banat in November. Became territory of the Crown, Banat was considered as a newly conquered territory, had resided in Timisoara.
Commander of the fortress was named General Paul Franz von Wallis.
Count Mercy, aged 50, myopic and gout, had started with integration process of the new acquisition into the Empire and reconstruction of Timisoara.