Banat is not only a geographical concept, that is now presents, it based its existence on centuries of social-economic characteristics, defined through social and spiritual institutions, and a unique multiethnic culture and tradition.

Born from the needs of the people of Banat to pursue their interest for prosperity through a mutual environment in Vojvodina, and with regard to for fact that the recent historical practice has proven that Banat in the past 80 years has been progressively marginalized, The Banat Forum, for the preservation of the whole social-economic begin of Banat brings the following:


BANAT must be united, multinational and undivided.

BANAT people want Vojvodina to have a greater jurisdiction, under the condition that Banat is a region which will with other regions, through the Assembly of Vojvodina, composed of three chambers decide on its own fate.

BANAT must through such a status and solution for Vojvodina enable a quick entrance to the Middle European Region the EURO TRIO i.e.Danube – Tisa – Karash – Morish (Interstate region Hungary – Rumania – Yugoslavia) and other institutions without which no one in this part of Europe could rely on a better future.

BANAT must have its Coat of Arms, Flag and Hymn.

BANAT symbols must be taken into accord when preparing the Coat of Arms, Flag and Hymn of Vojvodina.

BANAT must be given back its southwest area usurped by Serbia i.e. the City of Belgrade.

BANAT must be proclaimed an ecological region by Rumania, Hungary, Yugoslavia and the EU, and other institutions of the UN.

BANAT must be totally demilitarized.

BANAT local selfmanagement must be decentralized by the principle:

AUTONOMY TO THE FINAL CONSUMERS, explicitly respecting the individual as the holder of the autonomy, and towns and municipalities ( every village over 3.000 residents ) must be directly represented in the Assembly of Banat.


I - The Banat Forum completely subordinates its work to the hastiest and most concrete achievement of the above goals.

II - The Banat Forum supports all political and non-governmental organizations within and out of Vojvodina, that are relevant for the political and constitutional organization of the state union, that considers Vojvodina a subject with court, legislative and executive power.

III - The above mentioned principle standing points of the Banat Forum depict the will of the people of Banat and should be as such accepted as a prerequisite for permanent, prosperous internal organization of Vojvodina, that apart from generally accepted democratic norms, such as national, religious, and general human freedom and rights envelopes the following guidelines.

1. Regional organization of Vojvodina.

2. Regional institutions of Banat, Srem, Backa and the Free City of Novi Sad.

3. Tripartite Assembly of Vojvodina consisting of:

3.1. Chamber of Citizens.

3.2. Chamber of Nations ( Nationalities, Ethnical chamber ) with an equal number of representatives of nations who according to numbers earn a right. ( At least 1% of total population of Vojvodina, freely nationally defined through a census that should be held under the supervision of a special board of the Assembly of Vojvodina, OEBS...

3.3. Chamber of Regions ( Regional Chamber )The member of the regional Assemblies of Banat, Srem, Backa and the Free City of Novi Sad. All decisions are brought by a consensus.

The right of the regional assemblies and Assembly of the free city of Novi Sad to freely, within its jurisdiction make economical – curtural arrangements with similar regions from neighboring countries according to the Constitution and Laws.